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NOTICE: Landlords and tenants should appear at their scheduled hearing(s) unless they receive notice from the court not to appear.

Your primary responsibility as a mediator is to email a Case Disposition Form – and an “agreement”, if any – to both the court of record and Home Means Nevada at least 2 judicial days in advance of the hearing.

Las Vegas Justice Court (LVJC) Cases – use this link

All Other Cases – If the Clerk of Court uploaded the court case to Home Means Nevada, filings may be found at The Renter Connect. If case materials are available, you will have HMN login information. You may not receive case materials beyond what was emailed to you. Please work with whatever case resources you have.

Key Mediator Steps and Resources Needed

  • Review case file(s), if available
  • Customize email for landlord and tenant. Sample Call parties if needed.
  • Obtain the following documents
  • Consider setting the mediation for 7 -10 days prior to the hearing date, allowing time for rental assistance funding and potential two good faith attempts at mediation.
  • With proper release(s) in hand, reach out to funding sources to include rental assistance and DETR following guidance outlined. The “Release Consent for Confidential information” (resource above) is needed for rental assistance. The “DETR Release Authorization” (also above) is required by DETR. It is advised that you obtain the Release Consent for Confidential Information as early in the process as possible.
  • Confidential: Rental assistance contact information available by emailing
  • Funding source information – City of Las Vegas, North Last Vegas, Henderson
  • Conduct mediation by jointly preferred method (ultimate decision is mediator’s).
  • Regardless of whether mediation results in an agreement, or if there is no agreement, email Case Disposition Form (CDF) and “agreement,” if any, to the court of record at least 2 judicial days before the hearing date. You must email the form and/or agreement to the court of record and Home Means Nevada or upload the documents you emailed to the court to Home Means Nevada’s The Renter Connect portal.
    • If agreement, reduce agreement to writing (agreement form).
    • Be sure to include the new Case Disposition Form (CDF) (sample).
    • If no agreement, only the CDF is required.
    • Email a second CDF if you verify rental assistance is approved or denied
  • Email “Agreement or No Agreement” document and CDF to the court of record AND HMN.
  • Mediator’s must notify the parties of any known conflicts of interest.
    • If immediately apparent upon case assignment, notify HMN to return the case.
  • Home Means Nevada’s The Renter Connect contact information.
  • Need an interpreter? Contact HMN and specify language.
    • Include interpreter on all correspondence

Remember that mediators must comply with the ABA Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators

Supporting Resources for Mediators